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 Why the Rapid SSH App?

Sure there is already a few SSH terminal apps in the App Store - but we think RapidSSH is better :) - its a full featured, low cost terminal replacement - it does what the others do, but it also does much more:

  • The most complete SSH implementation available for Apple iOS – while others support only SSHv2, RapidSSH supports SSH version 1, version 2, SSH Agent, and full certificate based authentication using either OpenSSH or Putty formatted keys.
  • Full Telnet, and RAW connectivity over WIFI/3G
  • VT100, xterm and many other common Terminal emulations
  • Encoding support for ASCII, UTF-8 and 17 other major encoding formats, including multibyte characters for non-latin text terminals
  • Multiple sessions run concurrently in tabs, including when the App is in the background for upto 10 minutes.
  • Saved session import from SecureCRT® and PuTTY via Windows tool and iTunes
  • Full Session Scripting using simple yet powerful “Expect X, then Send Y” type scripting.
  • One Tap Secure Screen Sharing allows a remote web user to view and interact with the iPad/iPhones terminal window
  • Cloud connectivity to both RapidSSH.com and Dropbox.com for dynamically downloading configuration files and scripts and uploading session log files
  • Tight integration with iPhone/iPad clipboard and cut/copy/paste directly from the terminal window

Comprehensive logging support, Command Shortcuts, Stored Passwords, Bluetooth Keyboard and many other features. And all for a price less than iSSH or Prompt. Want a somewhat biased comparison? click here

 What is the Rapid SSH web site?

The Rapid SSH website is an optional free extension to the Rapid SSH app, which is designed to allow remote access to a Rapid SSH app console session. When operating together the app and website combine to provide a powerful instant out-of-band remote access to iPad terminals operating in the field.

The Rapid SSH website is geared towards engineers working both on and offsite and provides a secure online location for configuration and documentation that is available from anywhere. In addition to config and file repositories, the web-based, plugin free remote client allows the iPhone / iPad RapidSSH terminal window to be viewed and controlled. The website client has many time saving features welcomed by IT engineers, including common command shortcuts, auto-saving of passwords for rapid reuse, user defined shortcut scripts and many other handy features.

 What Versions of SSH Are Supported?

Unlike most other terminal apps in the Apple App store, RapidSSH includes a full implementation of SSH - it supports SSH version 1, SSH version 2, SSH Agent for automating further logins via established SSH sessions.

 What RSA key formats does RapidSSH Support?

RapidSSH Supports both OpenSSH formatted and PuTTY formatted RSA/DSA keys. Keys can be generated within the app (PuTTY format), or imported via the iPhone / iPad clipboard. Our Key Manager identifies the type of key imported and allows for the key format to be converted from OpenSSH to PuTTY format within the app itself.

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