Rapid SSH is an Apple App Store distributed terminal application for Apple iOS devices that allows IT engineers to connect and control PCs, Servers and Network equipment via the popular SSH, Telnet and Raw protocols. Unlike most SSH apps, RapidSSH is a full implementation - supporting SSHv1, SSHv2, SSH Agent and Agent Forwarding. And ONLY Rapid SSH combines this full featured terminal with scripting, screen sharing, Dropbox integration and PC migration tools into one universial iPhone / iPad binary at a very low price.


Get to Work Quickly

Rapid SSH is a rock solid terminal emulator you can rely on for your mobile terminal work. Its designed out of the box to get you up and running quickly - first convert all your existing PC and Mac PuTTY and SecureCRT(r) saved connections into the RapidSSH format and import them - use our free converter tool available here


The RapidSSH Connection Manager auto-saves recent connections, or you can create new ones and group into folders and subfolders quickly. Create secure password lists for rapidly logging into servers, and store command shortcuts for rapid reuse. Even the keyboard in RapidSSH is fully customizable for speedy 1-handed use.


Designed for Speed

Rapid SSH has many innovative features to make keyboard input on iPad and iPhone fast and efficient. Use integrated clipboard with extra scratch pads to get text into and out of the terminal window (including directly from remote cloud storage servers such as Dropbox). Full SSH Agent and Agent Forwarding to speed up logins with RSA/DSA keys, plus save frequently used commands and passwords for instant access via dropdown lists. RapidSSH automatically saves session information and provides easy import and export for moving saved sessions between your iOS devices..


Fully Scriptable

RapidSSH is the first fully scriptable terminal emulator for iPad and iPhone - easily create powerful login or other terminal scripts to speed up terminal work, using intuitve "Expect X, Send Y" style scripting. Add auto log file generation and cloud storage upload, If/Then/Else loops and call other scripts from within a master script.

Scripts are XML based, and can be exported and imported between different copies of RapidSSH and our sister app Get Console.


Multi-Session in Tabs

RapidSSH lets you work on upto 20 different terminal windows at the same time, with true multi-session capability - each terminal window is completely independent with its own log file and remote sharing capability. Move between sessions via the pop-down session manager - and integrated cut/paste gets text between terminal windows fast and easy.


Innovative Session Sharing

Like Webex(r) for your iPad's terminal window - RapidSSH's remote sharing feature lets you allow a remote web user access to your terminal screen - simply tap the share session button and a remote user can interact with your iPads terminal window via auto-generated one-time token code. The remote user can view or even take over the terminal window, and with our optional Private Server software, push and execute terminal scripts remotely via the iPad.


And plenty more...

Rapid SSH has many other features that other iOS based terminal apps just simply dont have - things you will notice, like Dropbox.com support for loading and saving logs and config scripts remotely to the cloud, full double-byte character support, SSH Agent for fast re-logins, multiple languages, detailed user manuals and proper support. If your going buy a terminal app for your iPad that is truly useful - choose RapidSSH.

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