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RapidSSH is has been developed by Cloudstore, a subsidary of Amix Capital Limited. Based out of Auckland, New Zealand our small team is focused on building the best Terminal app for iPad and iPhone. RapidSSH is our 4th Apple application.


Email: simon@get-console.com

Simon Hope

Co founder of Cloudstore, Simon works from the New Zealand Cloudstore office in Aucklands Viaduct. Cisco CCIE certified and with 12 years experience in Networking Operations and Consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Simon helps with designing the UI, testing, website development and logistics. The RapidSSH NZ servers are hosted at Cloudstore's NZ datacenter and are managed by Simon. Now focused on improving the User experience and the Private Server - expanding the applications use into more of the end to end network operations work flow. Simon says "RapidSSH is a lower cost spin off from our Get Console product, with much better SSH support and underlying code. We built this to make our existing code base available to a wider market that is currently underserved by other incomplete SSH implementations currently in the App store"


Email: daniel@get-console.com

Daniel Hope

Co founder of Cloudstore and primary developer of the RapidSSH application, Daniel has spent months porting and modifying PuTTY and libssh librarys and integrating our proprietary transport protocol that allows the RapidSSH terminal screen to be shared efficiently with remote web users. Daniel has 15 years experience in software development, including working for some of the biggest mobile operators in the UK. Based in England, Daniel focuses on the ongoing improvement of the Get Console, Get SatCom and now RapidSSH apps, certifying the app with additional vendors equipment and continuing our effort to make the best terminal app portfolio available on the Apple mobile platform. "RapidSSH started out as a simple terminal app, but now with one of the most complete ssh implementations, and tight syncronization with public or private clouds it has evolved into a complex piece of software that really helps IT engineers get more done in the field faster."


Email: sergey@get-console.com

Sergey Shabelnikov

As primary systems and backend web developer for the Rapid SSH and Get Console products, including Private Server, Sergey uses his 13 years of Linux, SQL and networking experience to keep the various websites and support systems running. Working out of Auckland, Sergey has been instrumental in the buildout of the Private Server offering and associated e-commerce platform. Currently Sergey is working hard on Private Server version 1.3 with its service desk and remote script execution features, it promises to offer large productivity improvements to Private Server customers. "Integrating Private Server into the RapidSSH App and external ticketing systems has been a mighty challenge, but hiding the complexity of this integration in the end result is needed to deliver the productivity gains for our users"


Email: eric@get-console.com

Eric Hansen

Working on RapidSSH internal testing, documentation and logistics, Eric makes use of his 4 years experience as a software tester to ensure that every SSH feature in our release is as bug free as it can be. This is no easy challenge as each release generally adds a significant number of new features which require testing plus regression testing to ensure nothing that was working has stopped working. Eric also works with vendor partners to test new equipment with our other Get Console app and updates our officially supported vendor list updated regularly on our user forum "When field engineers from large carriers are using our software daily in the field, they rely on RapidSSH and Get Console to provide rock solid terminal emulation. Daniel is constantly adding new features, so its my job to make sure they work before we submit to Apple."

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