Get to Work Quickly

Manage all your connections intuitively via folder groupings

Import your existing connections from puTTY and SecureCRT using our free import tool.

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Designed for Speed

User interface designed for productivity, packed with Keyboard shortcuts, copy/paste, automagically remembers sessions, SSH Agent and Agent Forwarding. The more you use it the better it gets.

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Fully Scriptable

Script logins and othter terminal tasks to speed up your work with simple \"wait for x, send y\" scripting. Build complex scripts quickly and intuitively using the script manager, and share them between all your devices.

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Multi Session

Maintain multiple sessions concurrently and click tabs to move between them. Cut/Paste text between terminal windows easily. Sessions survive for upto 5 minutes when multitasking away to other apps on your devices.

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Session Sharing

One tap to share your SSH or Telnet session with a remote web user via our innovative cloud terminal. Grant one time remote access to your iPad or iPhone via tokencode. Service is free for registered users.

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...And Much More

Full emulation includes VT100, xterm, linux, ANSI Color. RSA/DSA Key import / generation.

Worldwide encoding supports multi-byte character sets along with ASCII

Dropbox integration for uploading logs and config files.

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