So how does RapidSSH stack up against the rest of the iOS SSH terminal apps out there? Well we may be biased, but - we think pretty good actually.








SSH Term Pro


SSH Version Support

Version 1

Version 2

Version 1

Version 2

Version 2 Only Version 2 Only
RSA Key Support (Format)  OpenSSH, PuTTY (RSA, DSA,  SSHv1). Built in Conversion between key types. Putty Only Open SSH Only Open SSH Only
SSH Agent, SSH Agent Forwarding Yes  Yes No No
Fully Scriptable Terminal Yes  No  No  No
Multiple Session Support Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes integration (Upload Logs, Download configs, saved sessions, terminal scripts. Yes No (iCloud coming someday) No No
Technical Support Detailed User Manual, Website, Email, FAQ, Forum. Forum, Website Worlds Shortest FAQ  Minimal manual in app
Basic Terminal Features: ANSI Colour, Variable Scrollback, Cut and Paste, Keyboard Extension Bars, Setting Term Type Of Course Yes Mostly Mostly
Advanced Text Management Slideout Clipboard Viewer, Scratch pads, Paste from clipboard or  in-app scratchpad Cut from Terminal, Paste from iOS Clipboard Cut from Terminal, Paste from iOS Clipboard Cut from Terminal, Paste from iOS Clipboard
 Bluetooth Keyboard Basic Support - more soon! Better  Better  Basic 
PRICE  $5.99  $9.99  $7.99   $4.99

This evaluation was done on 21 August 2012, against the versions noted in their headings. This evaluation may become inaccurate at any time after this date as other App vendors make updates. Its all academic really - just buy RapidSSH and be done with it!

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